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Hon Sharon Bird MP
Federal Member for Cunningham
Shadow Minister for Vocational Education
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commented 2016-03-24 11:41:43 +1100 · Flag
Hi Sharon,

Referring to your comments on the ACN debacle and rorting of VFH under a Liberal watch, I’m trying to understand how a $1.7billion VFH blowout in 2014 (and therefore also in 2015) is entirely due to private VET providers.
This is especially when there is clear evidence that the majority of all VET training has been provided by TAFEs, both in 2014 and in 2015. I’ve personally reviewed VFH data released by the Department for 2014, and TAFEs have clearly received the larger share of the fund. 2015 data appears no different, and demonstrates over 60% of VET training in the first 9 months of 2015 being provisioned by TAFEs.
Can you please share your evidence to prove that the bulk of VFH funds are being directed towards private providers, and furthermore, can you please also share evidence to prove that a clear majority of private VET providers out there is breaking VFH rules? Please kindly share your evidence with the public.
commented 2016-01-22 16:44:12 +1100 · Flag
Smoking & alcohol ads & have been banned at sporting events for health implications, when is the government going to ban betting ads & sponsorship from tennis (eg William Hill)
commented 2016-01-11 13:14:29 +1100 · Flag
a copy of my letter to labor party reprasentatives

Are you aware that labor is supporting class discrimination and has also supported a law that is able to remove $15,000 in benefits from ALL families on welfare .

The immunisation laws only target families on welfare with NO PENALTY whatsoever for wealthy families, wealthy families are free to have unvaccinated children ….no penalty or coercion whatsoever! This is clearly CLASS DISTINCTION, something labor is supposed to be oppose.

Question, Are Australian children on welfare more diseased then children who have wealthy parents?


Labor has technically penalised ALL Australian families on welfare to the tune of $15,000 ……how can this be ?

The Australian Department of Health’s Immunisation handbook for Australian doctors states that vaccination can only proceed with valid consent and consent cannot be valid if coercion is present however it cannot be denied that every Australian family on welfare is being coerced – no doctor should immunise children until the coercion is removed.

Section 2.1.3 of Immunise Australia Program –valid consent


Why does labor support a law that doctors cannot implement due to coercion ..if doctors cannot immunise without coercion then welfare is lost .this was always a government budget saving that labor was sucked into

Many will not be voting for labor until it acts against class discrimination .

I should point out that my children are vaccinated my decision however I believe no government has the right to Coerce a person to put foreign substances into their bodies and that every human should not be denied the personal freedom to decide .
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