Labor believes the ABC is one of Australia’s most important public institutions.


We believe that the ABC plays a very important role in adding to the diversity of news in our media landscape and providing an opportunity for Australian content to be shown and heard. The ABC also plays a vital role in our regional and remote communities providing news, public announcements and emergency messages.


In Government, Labor implemented measures to ensure the institutional independence of our public broadcasters and their governing boards.

We did this because we value our public broadcasters.


Labor also provided additional funding that helped establish ABC3, a dedicated digital children’s channel. We also found efficiencies in the ABC and they helped to fund ABC News 24 and ABC online.


This is in stark contrast to Malcolm Turnbull, who as Communications Minister savagely cut more than $250 million from the public broadcaster in the horror 2014 Budget.


Most recently, in the 2016 Budget that is Liberal to its core, the ABC has suffered another $48.6 million cut at the hands of Mr Turnbull.


These cuts will result in job cuts at the ABC and programs will be affected across the country, particularly in regional Australia.


The difference between Labor and Liberal could not be clearer - we’ll put people first, whilst the Liberals will cut our public broadcasters and put big business ahead of Australian families.


The ABC will always be better off under Labor as compared to the Liberals.


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