Labor has always been clear that this project must stack up both environmentally and economically, and be able to stand on its own two feet.

Unlike the Liberals and Nationals, Labor doesn’t support spending taxpayers’ money subsidising multinationals for new coal mines.

Labor holds serious concerns about the process surrounding the recent environmental approval granted by the Morrison Government. It is clear this issue has become infected by the LNP’s chaos and division.

On 9 April 2019 the Minister for the Environment, Melissa Price, gave groundwater approval for the mine in the face of extraordinary bullying from within a divided and chaotic government.

Scott Morrison needs to explain if this decision was above board or was the result of Melissa Price being bullied and threatened by her own colleagues. We know the Liberals and Nationals are split on this project – the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia, Matt Canavan, threatened to quit the Cabinet if it did not go ahead; Queensland senator James McGrath bullied and threatened Melissa Price to grant approvals before the election; and the Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, refuses to publicly support it.

Melissa Price must explain her decision, release all relevant documents and details that underpin her decision, and call out the people who bullied and threatened her to make this decision.

There are a number of approvals and conditions still required for this project; it hasn’t cleared all the hurdles it needs to yet.

Labor will consider the decision and all supporting materials in detail, but it is hard to have confidence in this process when the minister has been bullied and threatened by her own colleagues.

If there are decisions to be made in government, we’ll make them on the best available information and in accordance with the law, but we don’t rip up contracts or create sovereign risk for Australia.

Unlike the Liberals and Nationals, Labor doesn’t have all our eggs in one basket for regional jobs in Queensland – we have a real plan, including job-creating infrastructure investment and cracking down on dodgy labour hire and 457-style temporary visas.

Labor is the party for strong environmental protection, good governance and a real plan for jobs in regional Queensland and across the country. The Liberals and Nationals are the parties of division and chaos, with no plan for our environment or for regional Queenslanders.