Changes To The EPBC Act

The Abbott-Turnbull government's intention to change the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act to stop third party interventions on developments affecting the environment is unconscionable. 

It is yet another attack in the Abbott-Turnbull Government's relentless war on the environment and the groups that take it upon themselves to protect it.

The EPBC Act has been the overriding national environmental protection law for the past 15 years, including throughout the mining boom, and has posed no problem for the economy. The approval of thousands of projects was managed perfectly well under this system by the Howard Government and two terms of Labor Government.

The intention to repeal section 487 of the EPBC Act is a rash reaction to the Government's incompetence and failures being borne out in the courts.

The Government has been caught out for not properly managing the approval process for the Adani Mine under the Act and are making this outrageous legislation change to cover up their own incompetence.

The Government's claims that the EPBC Act is costing jobs is just outrageous - the only thing costing jobs is the Government's incompetence and the Prime Minister's determination to fight for his own job, and no one else's.

Under Abbott-Turnbull, more than 800,000 people are now unemployed - the first time it's been this high in 20 years.

Labor will always support common sense improvements to our environmental regulatory system, such as the streamlining of assessment processes, but Labor will not support weakening environmental protections or limiting a community's right to challenge Government decisions.