Information on Payments for Individuals, Sole Traders, and Families

Below is a link to the Government Response to Coronavirus which includes up to date information on payments, mutual obligations, and FAQS.

If you are an individual, sole trader, or a family needing financial support start here for information on how to access payments.

It has information on a number of new payments, and changes to eligibility for existing payments, such as:

  • Extension of JobSeeker payment to sole traders, casuals and self-employed people who have lost their jobs or have no work due to coronavirus.
  • A coronavirus supplement of $550 to begin on 27 April for all those receiving job seeker payments - has extended to students due to Labor amendments.
  • A bonus of $750 for all those receiving benefits.
  • A second bonus of $750 for all those not on a job seeker payment (pensioners etc).