Live Exports - Greyhounds

Labor shares your concerns about the reports of the mistreatment of greyhounds.  My colleague, the Shadow Minister for Agriculture, has met on a number of occasions with the industry body, Greyhounds Australasia, and pursued this matter both directly with Minister Joyce and through Senate Estimates.

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) itself has introduced a "passport" scheme which requires compliance to prevent greyhounds being exported to countries that do not meet with Australian animal welfare standards. However, GA can only impose the "passport" scheme on its own members.  Non-members are not currently legally required to comply and may choose to export their dogs.

Please be assured that the Industry’s leadership shares community concern and has acted by asking the Turnbull Government to make the “passport” scheme mandatory.  However, it is my understanding that to date Minister Joyce has not met with the Industry to discuss better welfare outcomes for greyhounds.

It seems feasible to Labor that with the appropriate amendment to the Export Control (Animals) Order 2004 this scheme could be made mandatory and would therefore be applied to all racing greyhound exports.

Labor appreciates the efforts of those who have written directly to Minister Joyce urging him to make the “passport” scheme mandatory so that better regulation can be imposed on the greyhound industry.

It would be helpful for those who have not already done so to write directly to Minister Joyce urging him to make the “passport” scheme mandatory – email: