National Container Deposit Scheme

recycle(33).jpgAddressing the ongoing problems of packaging waste and litter remain a priority for all environment ministers.  A large amount of work has already been undertaken, and at their meeting on 24 August 2012, State, Territory and Commonwealth environment ministers considered submissions made in response to the Packaging Impacts Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS).

Submissions showed strong support for further action to address the impacts of packaging waste and litter.  Ministers carefully considered the submissions and committed to pushing ahead with a Decision RIS, to provide a more detailed analysis of the potential impacts of the options.

Regulatory change can only take place once a Decision RIS has been conducted, so this represents a significant step forward in this process.

While the Queensland Government did not oppose progressing to the next stage, it indicated it would not participate in or contribute to funding of the analysis as it has decided to work directly with the packaging industry.

The meeting communiqué, which includes more detailed information on ministers’ discussions, may be found at:

You can access further information on the RIS process, including a brief summary of submissions, at: