National Integrity Commission

Federal Labor and Bill Shorten have announced that legislation to establish a National Integrity Commission will be introduced in the first twelve months of a Shorten Labor Government.

It will be a tough anti-corruption watchdog and will have all the powers of a standing Royal Commission, able to hold public hearings where it is in the public interest to do so.

It will be an independent, statutory agency. The Commissioner will be appointed for a fixed, five year term. The Commission itself will be subject to oversight by a Parliamentary Committee.

Faith in the political class in Australia is at under challenge and we cannot let this continue.

If distrust develops between voters and their elected representatives, our democracy is in danger.

Labor has decided to do something before the trust problem gets worse – our democracy is too important not to protect.

Mr Turnbull, meanwhile, is missing in action. You have to ask – what has he got to hide?

Labor is not making this announcement because we believe there is a serious corruption problem in federal politics or the public service. If we were aware of such problems, we would report them.

Rather, this announcement is designed to set a standard and send a message – that corruption in the Commonwealth is not acceptable.

More information on Labor’s National Integrity Commission is available here: