Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Standards Reform

Labor is committed to a cleaner, more energy efficient transport system.

That is why we took a real transport infrastructure boost to the election, as well as improved vehicle emission standards that would save the average motorist $7,000 over the life of a vehicle, as well as significantly cut carbon pollution from our roads.

In December 2016 the Minister for the Environment and Energy announced that the Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions is seeking input from consumers and industry on ways to lower vehicle emissions.

One of the proposals for public consultation was a discussion paper exploring options to improve our fuel quality to reduce noxious emissions, ensure engine operability and facilitate new engine technology.

Submissions closed on 10 March 2017 and I understand the government is currently working through their processes.

Labor supports the principle of having cleaner fuel, but any move to reform fuel standards need to be informed by all relevant factors; including impacts on our remaining refineries, fuel security, jobs, fuel prices as well as health impacts of pollution.

Labor will carefully asses all relevant impacts before making any commitment, as any sensible Party of government should. We will carefully watch what comes out of the Government’s consultation process and we won’t be making any policy commitments prematurely.