3,500 tradies a step closer to business success

11 May 2013

Up to 3,500 tradies will have access to expert help to become their own boss and make their new business a success thanks to the Gillard Government’s new Apprentice to Business Owner program. 

The $19.4 million program will provide training and mentoring to help tradespeople start a business or develop a business that is less than two years old.

Minister for Skills Sharon Bird today announced a panel of 25 ‘brokers’ – experts from national and local organisations – who will give tradies personalised business support.

“This is about providing personalised, practical help for tradespeople in the tricky first years of business. It makes sense for participants and for the economy as a whole because it is aimed at trades that are in demand,” Minister Bird said. 

“Many tradespeople operate as subcontractors, sole operators or small businesses and this program will help them develop business management skills, as well as trade specific skills and licensing training.”

Twenty five brokers have been engaged. They range from local organisations in some regions to national providers. These organisations will provide expertise to tradespeople at a time when they will need it most.

In the first year of the four-year program, about 1,000 people will be able to take advantage of this additional help.

“I encourage tradespeople who are keen to start a business, or have a new business, to contact their local broker to find out more,” Minister Bird said.

Details of program brokers and their contact details are on the program website www.innovation.gov.au/AtoBProgram.