$391 Million Difference For Schools In The Illawarra Under Labor

Local Federal MPs, Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones, today welcomed the announcement by Bill Shorten and Kate Ellis,that a Shorten Government will fully implement and fund the Gonski reforms on-time and in-full – meaning every student in the Illawarra will benefit from increased needs-based funding.


This will mean that every child in every school in the Illawarra will get the support they need to reach their full potential with Labor’s Your Child, Our Future plan for Australia’s schools.


Your Child. Our Future will see an additional investment in our education system of $4.5 billion for years five and six of the Gonski reforms and provision of $37.3 billion over the decade.


Sharon Bird said it was vital that governments invested in education because the jobs of the future will require high level qualifications.


“Education is actually an investment, not just an expenditure.  If we don’t invest in our children’s education we are looking at slowing growth in this country and not having the innovation we need.  The investment in education will pay off in for the nation and it needs to be a priority.


“Before the election, the Liberals promised that there would be no cuts to education.  After the election the Liberals dumped the Gonski reforms and ripped $30 billion from schools including $391 million from classrooms in the Illawarra region.


“Under Turnbull’s plan, schools are forced to pass costs onto local families. Under Labor’s plan school and students are funded on the basis of what they need to get ahead”, said Jones


“Labor’s plan for schools will mean more individual attention for students, better resources for local schools and more support for teachers.”


“This means that local young people will get the quality education they need for the jobs and economy that they’ll face in their lifetimes” Jones said.


A Shorten Labor Government will invest in schools.  The Abbott/Turnbull Government has ripped money out of schools.

At the next election, once again there will be a clear choice when it comes to education – invest in our children’s and nation’s future with Labor, or more of the same cuts to education under Mr Turnbull and his Liberals.


FRIDAY, 29 January 2016