A New Skills And Training Minister Won't Make Up For Over $2 Billion In Cuts

Making Christopher Pyne Minister for Skills and Training won't make up for $2 billion in cuts, far from it.

The Abbott Government cut nearly $2 billion from the Skills portfolio in the Budget and has continued the gutting of training funding for apprentices and jobseekers ever since.

According to the Prime Minister, Simon Birmingham has been given responsibility for ensuring that "young Australians have the support they need to take on a trade career".

Yet his government has slashed support for apprentices, young and older, as well as skills programs that provided entry-level training for jobseekers and upskilling for existing workers.

Pyne and Birmingham need to immediately reverse these cuts, especially at a time when youth unemployment remains at a 13 year high.

This Government has shown no real interest in, or commitment to, the development of skills training in this country.  

They have slashed funding wherever they can and abandoned bodies set up to provide expert planning and advice.

The record to date in skills is appalling, the new Ministers must give it their urgent attention and not just platitudes.