Abbott's Plan To Cut TAFE Funding Revealed On National TAFE Day

On National TAFE Day, the Abbott Government’s secret plan to walk away from Vocational Education and Training entirely has been revealed.


The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Federation Green Paper outlines a number of options which would see the Australian Government cut every single dollar of funding to VET.


The Abbott Government has already cut over $2 billion from skills and training, including $1 billion from apprentices.


According to the Federation Green Paper, the Government’s secret plan to abandon VET altogether would see a further $1.8 billion cut:


“The Commonwealth would no longer provide $1.8 billion to the States and Territories through the National Skills and Workforce Development Special Purpose Payment.”




They don’t want to fund schools, they don’t want to fund hospitals and now they don’t want to fund VET. Exactly what is this government responsible for?


At a time when our economy is undergoing rapid change and the need for skilled people has never been greater, the Abbott Government wants to rip away funding from TAFE.


On top of his attack on young job seekers, Tony Abbott wants to undermine the training that will help these young people into work.


We should be encouraging more Australians, including mature age Australian to gain qualifications that prepare them for the jobs of the future.


Investing in training should be a national priority, not walking away.