With the Government’s Job-Ready Graduate Package Scott Morrison and the Coalition Government have locked young Australians out of an education. Under these changes, on average, students will pay higher university fees, with the cost of some degrees such as humanities more than doubling.

Policies will in fact work the opposite of what is claimed by the Government. For example, the education cost to become a clinical psychologist will cost students more, despite the Government claiming that they have made it cheaper.

The worst impact of these policies will be felt by regional universities and regional students. Regional universities often deliver a greater proportion of courses that will have funding cut than non-regional universities, while under the package its estimated that nearly twice as many regional students will have to pay the highest rate of student fees.

Labor believes it should be your ability, not your bank balance that determines whether you get the chance to study at University.

These changes will result in a less skilled and diverse workforce for the region, but also will mean a generation of young Australians in the region will miss out on education opportunities.
At a time when youth unemployment is through the roof, this policy is a cruel kick in the guts to young people across the region.