Additional funding for children's contact services in Wollongong

The Member for Cunningham, Ms Bird and the Commonwealth Attorney-General Nicola Roxon today announced funding to enhance the provision of Children’s Contact Services in Wollongong.

“The grant of $31,000 has been provided to CatholicCare Wollongong and is funded under the Family Support Program to deliver Children’s Contact Services,” Ms Bird said.

Ms Bird said this is a great investment in local services that are used by community members who need assistance in difficult circumstances “This funding will increase services to families and ensure that families experiencing separation have access to appropriate assistance and services.

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said the Children’s Contact Services provide a safe and child-focused venue for supervised visits and changeovers to assist the children of separated parents to establish and maintain a relationship with their other parent and family members.

“We know that the organisations which provide Contact Services work hard in providing top-notch services across the country,” Ms Roxon said.

”In recognition of the unique and important role that Children’s  Contact Services have within the family law system, the Government is pleased to be able to provide this funding,” said Ms Roxon.

The funding is additional to ongoing operational funding provided by the Attorney General to providers of Children’s Contact Services under the Family Support Program.