Advisory Report on the Navigation Amendement Bill 2011

Ms BIRD (Cunningham) (10:48): On behalf of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure and Communication, I present the committee's report entitled Advisory report on the Navigation Amendment Bill 2011, together with minutes of the proceedings.

In accordance with standing order 39(f) the report was made a parliamentary paper. Ms BIRD: by leaveā€”The Navigation Amendment Bill 2011 was referred to the committee by the House Selection Committee.

The committee sought submissions from interested parties and held a public hearing to further investigate the bill. The bill seeks to amendment the Navigation Act to bring Australia in line with the requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention.

As a proposed treaty action, the MLC is being considered by the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties. As part of that inquiry process, the JSCOT heard from various interested parties, including those who were involved in treaty negotiations and who were supportive of Australia's agreement to the treaty, including the development of enabling legislation. The committee heard that those parties, including the Australian Shipowners Association and the Maritime Union of Australia, continue to support the passage of the bill. It also noted that some of the elements of the MLC will be brought into effect through regulations which were not available at the time of the bill's introduction, but the committee has recommended that the Navigation Amendment Bill be passed.