Better skills building better communities

Whether it is the power and water connected to the family home or essential services like police and fire, the quality of services provided by local, state and Commonwealth governments depend on high-quality training.

Speaking at the Government Skills Australia (GSA) conference in Melbourne today, Parliamentary Secretary for Skills Sharon Bird said everyone in the community benefits when government workers get the training they need.

GSA is the government-funded Industry Skills Council for the Water, Local Government, Police, Fire, Defence, Emergency Services, and Public Sector industries.

“Australia’s future depends on being able to tap into the potential of more Australians and on how well we are able to align capabilities and talents with the needs of the economy,” Ms Bird said.

“This means working in partnership with industry to ensure our people develop the skills in demand in our economy.

“And the benefits of acquiring new skills are significant. We know that Australian’s with a Certificate III or IV will have improved earnings of more than $324,000 over their working life.

“The Government is committed to investing in skills for the benefit of the economy, and clearly for the benefit of the individual worker as well.

“That’s why we’re working with GSA, through programs like the National Workforce Development Fund, to develop high-quality national occupational standards and a higher-skill workforce that benefits the whole community.

“It’s just one of the reasons we have opened the doors to our universities and increased funding to the VET sector – so that more Australians than ever before can access education and training.”