The 2017-18 Budget highlights the contempt that the Liberal Government have for the people of the Illawarra, with not one local project listed in the Federal Budget, Federal MPs, Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones said today.

The Budget fails the jobs test, fails the Medicare test and fails the fairness test.

The Liberals have rewarded people who earn a million dollars with a whopping $16,400 tax cut while slugging workers on $65,000 with a $325 tax increase.

They have delayed reversing the unfair cuts to Medicare for three years.

Sharon Bird said that the Liberals had again neglected to fund the Maldon Dombarton Rail Line and again proven that they have absolutely no interest in TAFE.

“The Maldon Dombarton Rail Line is a much-needed critical link with South-west Sydney and again the Liberals have refused to recognise the economic benefits the rail line would bring to the region.

“They have also completely neglected TAFE by refusing to fund the National Partnerships – this has ripped another $500 million from TAFE. 

“We need investment in infrastructure and we need to be able to train our future workers.  Malcolm Turnbull is more concerned with lining the pockets of millionaires.  He has neglected to invest in the infrastructure and skills and training that we need to create jobs and opportunities for the region.

Stephen Jones said the budget was also bad news for pensioners, with many of the nasty “zombie cuts” still in the budget.

“Malcolm Turnbull has chosen to keep the age pension age at 70, which is the highest in the developed world.

“The Liberals are keeping cuts to family payments, and abolishing the energy supplement for pensioners – a cut of at least $366 per year for pensioners.

This is a big business budget that brushes off the battlers.