Bob Brown should just say 'yes' to re-assure workers on steel and coal jobs in the region

The Greens Party Leader, Senator Bob Brown, instead of planning a visit to Wollongong, should just issue a media statement today to reassure steel workers and coal miners about their jobs, Federal Illawarra Labor MP’s Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones said this afternoon.

“All that Senator Brown is required to do is say a simple ‘yes’ to the Commonwealth Government’s $300 million Steel Transformation Plan and $1.3 billion Coal Sector Jobs Package.

“He had the chance to just say ‘yes, the Greens Party will support the Government’s steel and coal package’ on ABC Illawarra this morning. Instead, he dissembled, ducked and weaved.

“Senator Brown has had months to consider this package. He sat on the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee. He knows the details of this package.

“Senator Brown should just say ‘yes’ – very simple, very easy – three little letters to reassure steel workers and coal miners in this region”, Ms Bird said.

Stephen Jones said, “The Greens Party and Senator Brown have exactly the same position as Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce, Joanna Gash and Concetta Fierravanti-Wells at the moment. None of them support steel workers and coal miner’s jobs in the Illawarra.

“It is extraordinary that Senator Brown says he needs to visit Wollongong to talk to steel workers and management.

“He can tell the workers in the Illawarra steel and coal industries today that the Greens Party will join the Government in support of their livelihood”, he said.