Bright NBN future for the Illawarra

Prime Minister Julia Gillard today confirmed the Illawarra is set for a major expansion of the National Broadband Network, bringing enormous economic and social benefits to the region.

Visiting the Illawarra today, the Prime Minister announced that construction of the NBN will begin in Dapto and Wollongong within the next 12 months.

Nearly 11,000 premises across the two sites in Dapto and Wollongong are set to gain access to NBN fibre services under NBN Co’s new construction schedule in the coming year.

The announcement complements the Gillard Labor Government’s strong and detailed plan for the Illawarra region to keep the local economy strong by providing new job and economic growth opportunities.

The NBN is forging ahead in the Illawarra and it is expected that more than 500 jobs will be created by the rollout of the NBN in the region at its peak construction.

The residents in Wollongong and Dapto will soon be on track to receiving this essential infrastructure that will help us build a strong future for the region and Australia.

Today’s announcement builds on the NBN rollout that has already connected 2,500 premises in Kiama Downs and the Minnamurra region, and is now currently connecting 5,200 premises in Jamberoo and Kiama.

The Illawarra sites are part of a nationwide 12-month rollout schedule announced today.

In the biggest rollout of the NBN so far, the fibre network will be delivered to 49 sites around Australia in the next 12 months. This includes 28 new locations.

This rollout schedule demonstrates the Gillard Labor Government is getting on with the job to transform Australia into a leading broadband nation.

The NBN will provide better educational opportunities, help improve the delivery of health services and increase economic opportunities in the Illawarra region and the rest of Australia.

Construction in the new locations is expected to be complete within 12 months of work commencing.

NBN Co also expects to release a three year indicative schedule in early 2012 as the next step in the NBN rollout to 13 million premises across Australia.

Detailed mapping information is expected to be made available once network design documents for each area are finalised.

Wollongong 18 October 2011  

NBN Co one-year construction plan for premises in the Illawarra  


Network built and ready for service

Work underway Design and construction to start within 12 months Month in which first/next detailed map will be released
Dapto *     5,300 Aug 12
Jamberoo   2,600    
Kiama 2,500 2,600    
Wollongong *           5,600 July 12



1. * new location

2. List is subject to change

3. Commencement date marks the handover of the desktop design to the construction contractor for final design and construction.

4. NBN Co has only named the start date of the first module in a given locality in which construction is planned over the next year. The approximate number of premises covers only those areas in which construction