Chaotic Abbott Government Ignoring Community Concerns

Stephen Jones and Sharon Bird have called on the Abbott Government to put policies before politics and focus on the issues that matter.

Tony Abbott survived today’s spill motion by 12 votes but there is little indication that he is concentrating on the job of governing for all Australians.

“People in my electorate aren’t concerned about who will lead the Liberal Party,” Stephen Jones said. 

“What they are concerned about is the Abbott Government’s record of broken promises and harsh Budget cuts. They feel like the Government has abandoned them.

“They don’t want to be slugged extra money to see their Doctor under the GP Tax Mark II. They don’t want $100,000 university degrees and they don’t want cuts to pensions, family support, schools and hospitals.”

Sharon Bird said that the Government was in a state of paralysis.

“They are so worried about themselves that they are completely indifferent to the problems that many Australians face.

"Tony Abbott has survived for now, but even if there was a change of leadership we need to remember that every single member of the Abbott Cabinet voted to support the Budget of Cuts last year.

“My Labor colleagues and I are focussed on policies that improve living standards, create jobs and drive the economy. Sadly the Government is asleep at the wheel and low and middle income Australia will continue to pay the price.”