Prime Minister Scott Morrison has finally listened to what locals have been telling his party for years: Do not raise the pension age.

For five budgets he has supported increasing the pension age to 70.

Scott Morrison was Treasurer for more than 1,000 days – and every day he wanted to increase the pension age to 70.

“I’m proposing it should be 70, the Labor Party doesn’t agree with me but that’s what we’re proposing.”

[Scott Morrison, Address to the National Press Club, 25 February 2015]

Now he expects locals to believe him when he says he has changed his mind.

It’s a transparent and desperate attempt to save a divided and dysfunctional government – and one rushed out by a Prime Minister in a clumsy attempt to beat the leaks.

Local residents have long been concerned about the Coalition’s plans.

In a survey of 849 local residents, more than 97% wanted to either decrease the retirement age or keep it the same.

No matter who leads the Liberals, they can’t be trusted with the pension.

The only way to protect older locals is to vote Labor at the next election.