Coalition Only Interested In Flags Of Convenience

Illawarra MPs Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones have called on the Government to stand up for maritime workers by proudly flying the maritime Red Ensign flag.


The Liberal National Party’s George Christensen has today introduced a Bill into the House of Representatives to protect our national flag – including the Red Ensign flag.


Sharon Bird said that his attention should be focussed on his own side of the chamber.


“George Christensen hasn’t mentioned the fact that the greatest threat to the Red Ensign is his own Government.


“Right now the Turnbull Government is encouraging Australian ship owners to replace the Red Ensign with the flag of a foreign nation under the ‘Flag of Convenience’ Scheme.”


Stephen Jones, who spoke about the Red Ensign flag in Parliament last week, said that shipping workers in the Illawarra deserved better.


“I’m standing right alongside workers like Zac Kinzett from Shellharbour. He was sacked from the MV Portland when security guards charged onto the ship in the middle of the night and removed him.


“He isn’t the only one, far from it. Joanne Kerin from Kanahooka was sacked from her ship, the Alexander Spirit, last year. She and her 36 co-workers hadn’t done anything wrong, it’s just that under the Coalition’s WorkChoices on Water they can be sacked without any warning to save a few dollars.


“The most dangerous place for a Red Ensign flag is on the back of an Australian ship.”


Both MPs said that they looked forward to the LNP Member being as outspoken on this matter as he has been on his other cultural crusades over the last two years.