How To Access Payments - Individuals

If you are currently receiving support payments you may be automatically receiving a corona virus stimulus payment. Check here for more information on what payments are changing.

From 25 September 2020, the rates of the corona virus payments are changing. Click here for information on what changes have been made. 

If you are not currently receiving any payments, but have been affected by the corona virus lockdown, visit the Services Australia website below to find out what payments you might be eligible for.

If you need to apply for a payment, you can do so online by accessing the MyGov website below. Follow the information on the MyGov website to make your claim.

You will need to get a Customer Reference Number (CRN) to link Centrelink to your MyGov account.

If you have previously received a payment from Centrelink, your CRN will be on any letter that Centrelink has sent to you previously.

If you have never received a Centrelink payment you may not have a CRN.

To get a CRN call 132 307 and select option 2. You will then verify your identity and be given your CRN.

Click here for Services Australia


Click here for MyGov


MyGov help desk phone number: 13 23 07