Coronavirus Payments for DSP and Carer Payment Recipients

Many people have written to me about the Government’s decision not to extend ongoing Coronavirus support to people who rely on the Disability Support Pension or the Carer Payment.

Coronavirus has increased the costs and barriers for carers and people with disability – and I know this is adding even more pressure to household budgets.

Too many people are falling through the cracks in the Government’s Coronavirus response – and people with disability and carers have been forgotten again.

Despite the two $750 Economic Support Payments people on the Disability Support Pension are getting a lower payment rate than people on JobSeeker Payment, when the Coronavirus Supplement is taken into account. And many carers are also being left in situations where they are worse off, particularly if they are caring for children with disability.

Labor secured critical changes to the Government’s Coronavirus stimulus package – so the Government can make changes to extend extra support at the stroke of a pen.

We are calling on the Government to use this power to provide extra support for people with disability and carers who have been left worse off. To change this situation the Government needs to act. They have the required numbers to make laws in the Parliament and the power to change payments.

Labor will keep up the pressure on the Government to use the powers they have to better support carers and people with disability.