COVID-19 - School Closures

I understand that parents and teachers are anxious about this. It is a difficult and stressful time for many families and school communities.

At a time when we are facing a global health emergency, parents and school staff need clear advice from government. It’s unfortunate that there have been mixed messages with the Prime Minister saying different things from some Premiers. 

The National Cabinet’s new advice is that only children of workers who do not have suitable care arrangements available at home to support their children’s learning, should physically attend school. 

If you are confused about whether you should send your child to school, you should follow the advice of your state government, or if your child goes to a non-government school, the advice of your local school. 

Labor has been saying for weeks that as school closures begin to occur, we need national leadership so we are properly prepared. Governments need to have arrangements in place for the children of health and other essential service workers, and preparation for online or remote learning is vital.

Where schools still remain open, action needs to be taken to make sure students and staff have access to proper handwashing and sanitation facilities and appropriate social distancing arrangements are in place.

The Government also need to ensure measures are in place to support the health and safety of vulnerable teachers and other school staff.

Labor will continue to urge the Government to provide clarity on this stressful situation as soon as possible. Remember you can always find up to date information about the response to COVID-19 here: