On the eve of the penalty rate cut to retail, fast food, hospitality and pharmacy workers kicking in, Sharon Bird today reaffirmed Labor’s commitment to restore weekend penalty rates.

In a survey conducted by Sharon Bird this week, 80 per cent of respondents said that they supported people who work on weekends receiving penalty rates.

There are approximately 10,630 retail and food and accommodation workers here in the Illawarra.

Sharon Bird said what was interesting was that while 75 per cent of the 450 respondents said that they did not have anyone in their household who worked on Sundays, and who currently received penalty rates, 80 per cent of people supported penalty rates.

“I think this comes down to fairness.  People are onto Malcolm Turnbull and his government giving $65 billion worth of tax cuts to big business, tax cuts to millionaires and just sitting back while workers lose their penalty rates.

“People know that rewarding big business and millionaires while slugging workers is not fair.  They know that Malcolm Turnbull is only looking after the big end of town and has no interest in a fair society. 

“The arrogance has been on display from many government members – with local Liberal Ann Sudmalis even saying the cut is a “gift”.

“As we sit down to breakfast this weekend, millionaires will get a $16,400 tax cut while workers in retail, hospitality, fast food and pharmacy will cop a wage cut.

“This isn’t fair and it isn’t right and I am proud to support Bill Shorten’s announcement to restore weekend penalty rates if elected,” Sharon Bird concluded.