Labor’s Sharon Bird, Stephen Jones and Fiona Phillips celebrated the resounding Yes result in all three Illawarra electorates today.


Participation Rate

Yes Response


81.9   per cent

65.7   per cent (60,906)


80.1   per cent

62.3   per cent (57,562)


80.6   per cent

62   per cent (59,322)

While the campaign for marriage equality has been hard for many members of the LGBTQI community in the Illawarra, the result speaks for itself – an absolute and clear majority in our community want marriage equality.

Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones were looking forward to finally being able to vote Yes on the floor of Parliament when sittings resume in just over a week.

Sharon Bird said that there should never have been a survey and local LGBTQI people should never have had to go through such a hurtful and divisive survey process.

“This process is now over.  The results are clear.  It is time for marriage equality to be legislated and for the healing process to begin.

“I am so pleased that my electorate of Cunningham recorded both the highest participation rate (81.9 per cent) and the highest Yes vote in the Illawarra at 65.7 per cent.

Stephen Jones said he first introduced a marriage equality Bill to Parliament in 2012.

“That was seen as controversial at the time but today’s results clearly show people support this change.

“It’s time for the Parliament to get on and deal with this issue.”

Fiona Phillips said the result reflected the views of people in Gilmore she had been talking to during the campaign.

“I just hope the Government brings in marriage equality as soon as possible.

Bill Shorten was right when he said ‘today we celebrate, tomorrow we legislate’.