Curtin University to host National Centre for Student Equity

2 May 2013

Curtin University has won the bid to host a national centre to help disadvantaged students access university.

In Perth today, Minister for Higher Education and Skills Sharon Bird congratulated Curtin University as the new host of the National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education.

“This national centre in Perth will bring together experts in equity.  It will play a central role in helping Government and institutions improve access to higher education for disadvantaged students,” Minister Bird said.

“This is a fresh start for the Centre. Curtin University has an excellent plan, and I am confident it will provide a supportive environment to help the Centre fulfil its important role, and help open up our universities,” Minister Bird said.

The Centre will be funded with $3.2 million over three years from the Gillard Labor Government.

Minister Bird also announced that the Australian Government is committing $400,000 to develop a new national monitoring and evaluation framework that will help improve equity in higher education.

“The new tool will help us to track progress and achievements in higher education equity in a more nuanced way and help identify areas that need improvement.”

The National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education commenced operation in 2008 at the University of South Australia.  A competitive selection process was undertaken which recommended Curtin University as the new host.

The University of South Australia did not seek to extend its hosting role through the selection process and supported the process for identifying another university to host the Centre.

“I want to thank the University of South Australia for its outstanding work in establishing and hosting the Centre since 2008,” Minister Bird said.