Delivering Indigenous small business an edge

15 March 2013

Indigenous entrepreneurs wanting to start a small business in regional Australia will benefit from new tools to boost their English language, literacy and numeracy skills.

Parliamentary Secretary for Skills, Sharon Bird, today congratulated The Learning Workshop on the launch of their resource Natural Born Fighter: Indigenous Small Business Start Up Tools.

The resource includes an easy to understand film, multi-media DVD production and handbook that are designed to break down the barriers to entrepreneurship within Indigenous communities.

“Many regional and remote communities have limited employment opportunities and this resource will create new opportunities,” Ms Bird said.

“This is about supporting Indigenous people to access the positive benefits of self-employment including economic independence and the ability to provide financial support and employment to family.

“The Australian Government is targeting foundation skills on a number of fronts to give all Australians the opportunity to advance their careers and increase productivity.

"Having a higher level of English language and literacy skills opens doors to career advancement and higher wages – that is why our investment in lifting foundation skills is so important.”

The Learning Workshop received a grant of $177,210 to develop the resource, which is designed to improve the English language, literacy and numeracy skills of Indigenous Australians in regional and remote areas wanting to establish a small business.

Natural Born Fighter was made possible with funding from the Australian Government through the Resource and Strategic Projects element of the Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) Program.

More information about the WELL Program and Resource and Strategic projects can be found at