Disability Doesn't Discriminate

People who enter the NDIS before the age of 65 have a choice to either stay in the scheme once they turn 65 or enter the aged care system.

When the NDIS was created in 2013, it was designed for those aged 65 and younger, to complement aged care for over 65’s, and ensure a cohesive safety net to give people with disability of all ages and their families and carers the support they need.

When the NDIS was being set up, the aged care system offered much greater support, so the NDIS filled the gap for people with disability under 65 years.

But, after eight years of the Coalition’s neglect of aged care, the NDIS– even though it has its problems – is now superior when compared with aged care packages.

People with disability may require additional support and care as they age, and it is important the aged care system is responsive to the needs of all older Australians.

There is a real problem for people over 65 living with a disability, and the answer is better support.

Labor believes people should get the care they need no matter how old they are.

Right now, the Morrison Government wants to privatise and run down the NDIS, just as it has done to our aged care sector for the past decade.

The Morrison Government is in the process of dismantling the scheme with razor gangs, radical cuts and mandatory assessments designed to keep people living with a disability from using the scheme and its vital supports.

A Labor Government is the only government which can fix the NDIS and aged care safety nets to ensure that Australians with a disability get the care they need.

Older Australians and people with disability and their families deserve better.