Ms BIRD (Cunningham) (13:39): This is Donate for Life Week, which encourages Australians to register as organ donors. My very good friend Jessica Sparks inspired me to register, and I want to share her words in the hope that it will inspire others to go online and register.

This is from Jessica:

Organ donation has been the difference between life and death for me. A generous organ donor and their family have twice saved my life now, giving me an incredible 10 extra years of life, learning, laughter and love. This true 'gift of life' has meant I've been able to live to enjoy so many amazing new friendships and experiences that I never thought I'd have—simple things that many of us take for granted like being able to talk without struggling to breathe and walk on the beach; to bigger things like graduating from university and adventures travelling the world. Organ donation opened up my whole world and everything became possible again.

I'm so thankful and it means a lot to me to make the most of my extra time here, helping others and making my donors proud. To anyone who is considering donating their organs and tissue, I really encourage you to get 'organ-ised': register your decision online and discuss it with your family.

Just one person saying 'yes' to organ and tissue donation has the power to save up to 10 lives like mine was, and not only completely turn around that person's life, but that of their family's and friends' too.

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