MS BIRD (CUNNINGHAM) (13:39): This Prime Minister needs to grow up. We need a leader in this country on energy. We do not need somebody who resorts to name-calling—and I have to say pretty pathetic name-calling at that, as my colleague the member for Hunter would know too well—and blame-shifting on energy.

Before the 2013 election, those opposite promised people in my electorate that their bills would go down by $550. How's that going? Not too good! Four years, going into your fifth year, in government, and you still haven't delivered on that—in fact, you've made it worse. As my colleague the member for Lindsay said, there has been an increase of up to a thousand dollars in the price of electricity for constituents in my area and in her area, across Sydney. This is your record. This is the result of—

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Coulton): I would remind the member for Cunningham to address her remarks through the chair.

Ms BIRD: I will, Deputy Speaker. This is this government's record. This is the result of their failure to act. They abolished the carbon price that we had put in place. They attacked the renewable energy industry. The Nationals were out there on the weekend deciding that we don't need any renewable energy. They are failing our communities. The Prime Minister's response is to try and bully and heavy industry, instead of getting on with pulling the trigger on gas, putting a carbon energy target in place and taking the decisions we need as a nation. Grow up! (Time expired)