Environmental Reform

Labor opposed the Morrison Government’s attempts to rehash Tony Abbott’s failed 2014 policy which would hand over environmental decision-making powers to the states without strong environmental standards, a tough cop on the beat or fixing the huge blow-out in decision making delays.

Labor has said we will consider reforms that reflect the government’s independent Samuel Review. The Morrison Government’s proposed changes do not.

We know Australia’s environment is in crisis, but the Liberals and Nationals don’t have a plan to fix it. Instead, we have seen cuts, delays, waste and a woeful record on environmental protection from this tired eight-year-old government.

The Liberals and Nationals have cut the environment department by 40 per cent and Australia is paying the price.

Labor has called on the Morrison Government to:

  •        Introduce strong national environmental protections to address the overall state of decline and the state of increasing threats to the environment;
  •        Establish a tough cop on the beat for our environment
  •        Support efficiency and effective decision-making under the EPBC Act in the interests of avoiding unnecessary delays to jobs and investment.

Labor is on your side. You can check out Labor leader Anthony Albanese’s speech on EPBC here and Shadow Minister for the Environment, Terri Butler’s speech here.

You can also read Labor’s dissenting report from the Senate Inquiry into the EPBC Amendment (Standards and Assurance) Bill 2021 which was recently debated in the House of Representatives.

As you know, Labor is not in government. We will continue to hold the Morrison Government to account, but the only way to protect the environment and jobs, is to elect an Albanese Labor Government. That means helping to elect more Labor MPs than there are currently, which means voting Labor.

Labor has a proud history of protecting the environment. Labor’s legacy in government is that we protected the Daintree, Kakadu, the Great Barrier Reef, the Franklin and Antarctica. We created Landcare, and we created the largest network of marine parks in the world.

Australia can’t afford to allow the alarming environmental decline that we have seen under the Liberals and Nationals. Labor is the only party that has both the capacity and will to stand up for the environment.