Even State Libs Won't Stomach Abbott's Medicare Attack


Local State Liberal members have dumped and run on their Federal colleagues and the Abbott Government, with Gareth Ward and Shelley Hancock both attacking their Federal Liberal colleagues this week. 

 Today Shelley Hancock has taken aim at the Federal Government’s changes to Medicare in the South Coast Register where she is quoted as saying:


 “Local GPs will not be able to absorb the increased costs, and if they don’t patients will suffer … The federal government has to make tough decisions, but these tough decisions are impacting on the poor.”


“Gareth and Shelley are absolutely right – the Abbott Government is taking the axe to health care in the Illawarra and our local area and the people who live here will suffer,” Ms Bird said.  

 “The real question now is whether Federal MP, Ann Sudmalis, will also reject their criticism of the Medicare attacks or will she try to defend these unfair changes?” 

Both Gareth Ward and Shelly Hancock have indicated there has been communication failures by the Abbott Government, with Ms Hancock further quoted as saying:


 “No state MP in NSW has been consulted on this issue. They need to talk to those of us in less advantaged electorates and local health workers before going ahead with these plans.”


Mr Jones said that the proposed changes to the Medicare rebate will send some local medical practices to the wall and lead to overcrowded hospitals.


 “Medical practices that represent struggling communities can’t simply ask their patients to pay more. They face an invidious choice – continue to service your patients without increasing charges but watch your already marginal practice go under. 

 “We are set to see a closure of services and already busy hospital emergency departments shouldering an increased load. This is a huge problem, particularly in rural areas with limited services, because for the majority of health issues it costs much less to have them dealt with by a GP. 

 “It’s high time the Abbott Government axed its GP Tax Mark II changes and took proper responsibility for the nation’s health system.”