Fair Work Australia low paid workers' decision very welcome

The Federal Member for Cunningham, Sharon Bird, today welcomed the historic decision by Fair Work Australia (FWA) to award a substantial pay rise to Australia’s lowest paid workers.

“I am really pleased that this pay equity case, which proceeded in the first place because of the strong commitment of a Commonwealth Labor Government, has succeeded.

“Many of these low paid workers in the social and community sector are women.

“These workers do tremendous work in helping hold our local communities together by working to address homelessness, with victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse, counselling for families in crisis and supporting people with a disability.

“These workers make a difference each and every day, yet their pay has been undervalued for too long.

“There will be a phasing in period to ensure that the FWA decision is implemented.

The Commonwealth Government, as the Prime Minister has made clear today, will provide its share of funding.

“State Governments will also be required to commit to funding their share of this historic decision.

“I congratulate the Australian Services Union (ASU) and other unions involved in bringing this historic case, with the Commonwealth’s support, to FWA.

“The decision is recognition of the role played by the social and community sector, and the work undertaken each day by committed workers, who are predominately women”, Ms Bird said.