Friday The 13th Brings Bad News For Bluescope Workers From Malcolm Turnbull


Local Federal MPs, Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones, received a copy of the correspondence from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in response to Bill Shorten’s recent letter urging the Liberal Government to help save steelmaking in the Illawarra.


The Prime Minister has failed to show leadership and failed to take up even one of the action items from Bill Shorten and the local MPs.


He has refused to commit to strengthen anti-dumping measures. 


He has refused to work with Australian steel producers to maximise the use of Australian steel.


He has refused to guarantee that the government would not repeal or weaken the Australian Jobs Act.


He has refused to reinstate the Illawarra Local Employment Coordinator.


He has refused to locate local entrepreneur advisers in the Illawarra.


He has refused to establish programs to help the Illawarra take advantage of industries that are growing through the NBN.


The best he has come up with is more talk and no action.


The time for talkfests is over.  The Turnbull Liberal Government needs to take immediate action to address the steelmaking crisis.


The Illawarra is sick and tired of being ignored by the Liberals.