Government Must Act To Protect Quality In The Training Sector

Allegations that private training colleges are misusing VET FEE-HELP need to be addressed by the Government as a matter of urgency.

“There have now been numerous media reports regarding Registered Training Organisations offering free iPads, shopping vouchers and other incentives and targeting vulnerable people to sign up to VET FEE-HELP;  as well as indications that many employers are increasingly concerned about the quality of training being provided by some RTO,” said Sharon Bird.

“There is now significant evidence that some providers are acting unscrupulously, as the Minister himself has recently acknowledged. This is why it is so important to ensure that any plans to significantly cut ‘red tape’ must not be at the expensive of quality training and why the Minister must act quickly to ensure these practices are shut down.

“I have said before that training is a start on a pathway to future employment and it is imperative that students and employers can have confidence in the training that is being provided.  It is critical for the training sector that the system is well regulated and well regarded. 

“This is in everyone’s interests. The national regulator, Australian Skills Quality Authority, has been doing great work and they need to be supported to continue to do this into the future and the Minister needs to identify and act on any other avenues available to him to end these practices,” Sharon Bird said.