Has The Maldon-Dombarton Rail Link Been Shelved Again By The Liberals?

Local Federal MPs, Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones, have today indicated they would be writing to NSW Minister for Roads, Duncan Gay, to clarify whether the New South Wales Government intends to shelve plans to progress the Maldon-Dombarton Rail Link following advice that the Registrations of Interest (RoI) had failed.


In correspondence from the Minister, he has confirmed that there were two responses to the RoI and neither were found to have sufficiently met all the published evaluation criteria.


Sharon Bird said before the election, Federal Labor had committed $25.5 million for preparatory work to get the project shovel ready and then committed an additional $50 million in seed funding.  The Federal Liberal Government then axed the $50 million commitment.


“We need to know whether Malcolm Turnbull plans to invest any of the $9.7 billion they claim to be investing in infrastructure across the country in the Illawarra,” Sharon Bird said.


“Will the Prime Minister continue to ignore the people of the Illawarra or will he put his money where his mouth is and look at options for building the Maldon-Dombarton Rail Link.


Stephen Jones said that the people of the Illawarra deserved better rail services across the region.


"Labor did all the hard work to get the project ready because we know that many people in the community rely on rail.


"Earlier this year the Government promised a game-changing infrastructure project in the Illawarra. This is their chance."