Heart Foundation Data Shows Abbott Government Must Axe The GP Tax

The Heart Foundation has today given 45,600 reasons to Tony Abbott to axe his GP Tax and unfair increases to the PBS co-payments with the release of the Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Prevalence Maps and media statement.

In its report the Heart Foundation has found that people in regional and rural Australia have a greater risk of suffering from heart disease. Australians living outside capital cities have a 26% greater risk of suffering from heart disease.

“According to the Heart Foundation 350,000 fewer adults would have cardiovascular disease if we could bring regional rates of Cardiovascular Disease down”, Jones said

“Instead of investing in measures to prevent heart disease the Abbott Government is cutting $67million from our local hospitals and introducing a $7 GP Tax which will rip $7 million from the region.” Said Bird.

“In regional Australia – where access to GPs and health professionals is more difficult, the Abbott Government’s GP Tax is another major obstacle for people visiting their Doctor. It will add $1.4 billion to the out-of-pocket expenses of regional Australians seeking medical care.”

“The message to Tony Abbott is don’t make it harder for people to see a GP. Don’t make it more expensive for people to get a cholesterol test. Don’t make it more expensive for people to buy the medicines they need. Drop your GP tax and invest in our health system to prevent these rate of heart disease spiralling out of control. We know it’s a lot cheaper on the health system to prevent the disease in the first place.” Bird & Jones said.

14 AUGUST 2014