Illawarra Older Women's Network

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Ms BIRD (Cunningham) (16:25):  On 8 September, I had the great joy of participating in a fifth birthday celebration. This fifth birthday celebration—as the member of Indi, I think, would appreciate—was for the Illawarra Older Women's Network, a fantastic group of women. Having passed the age of 50, I share great pleasure in participating in their activities wherever I can and I have done for many years. But on this particular day they were celebrating the fifth birthday of their wellness centre project. I will use their own words to describe its purpose:

Social isolation is a threat to the well being and health of us all and as women tend of live longer than men, they are more likely to feel isolated. Being on a limited income further restricts many people and decreases our ability to lead full and productive lives. To enjoy healthy senior years our minds and bodies need to be active and we need to do all we can to ensure we foster a willingness to stay well by keeping active.

Their wellness centre offers a holistic approach to this task. It includes classes in tai chi, international dancing, drumming and ukulele, fitness and exercise, as well as yoga, relaxation and meditation. I would like to congratulate the ladies of the Illawarra Older Women's Network. May they roar long and loud.