The Illawarra’s Federal and State MPs are up in arms following Freedom of Information (FoI) statistics that reveal the region’s public schools will cop a $54.3 million funding cut over the next two years.

The Turnbull Government has taken an axe to public school funding, while the Berijikilan Government is walking away from its promise to hold Malcolm Turnbull accountable and honour the Gonski funding agreement.

Following a detailed examination of the FoI statistics, all public schools in the Illawarra will face massive funding cuts in 2018 and 2019, with some regional schools suffering cuts of well over $1 million.

The worst hit local public schools facing massive funding cuts are also in areas of greatest need, which the original Gonski funding agreement was meant to fix.

Across the Illawarra’s three federal electorates, the following public schools will be hit the hardest:

Federal electorate

Worst hit school

Total funding cut


Warrawong High $1.3 milion

$15 million


Lake Illawarra High $1.18 million

$20.2 million


Nowra East Public $1.3 million

$19 million

Source: FoI, Teachers Federation

Comments attributable to Sharon Bird MP:

“These funding cuts are simply unacceptable as they will sell out the future of our local kids who need and deserve the best possible education to give them a strong start in life.”

Comments attributable to Stephen Jones MP:

“The worst thing about this funding mess is that the schools which have the greatest need are the schools most affected by funding cuts.”

Comments attributable to Ryan Park MP:

“The Premier needs to get serious about pressuring the Turnbull Government to honour the original Gonski Agreement otherwise local schools will cop it over the next two years.”

Comments attributable to Anna Watson MP:

“Schools in my electorate will face the brunt of the hardest cuts and I know that the dedicated teachers in local schools will just be in despair.”

Comments attributable to Paul Scully MP:

“A deal is a deal in my book: Gladys Berijikilian signed up to a deal with the Federal Government and it did not include copping cuts to funding in local schools.”