New data has revealed the cost of seeing a GP and specialist has skyrocketed under the Liberals.

Residents across the Illawarra and South Coast are paying more to see their GP and specialists with out of pocket expenses growing. In Cunningham, the average out of pocket expense has reached $30.68 to see a GP and $78.67 to see a specialist; while costs in Whitlam have risen to $31.93 to see a GP and $78.73 to see a specialist. In Gilmore, out of pocket expenses to see a GP and specialist have risen to $30.07 and $73.65, respectively.

In just four years, the average out of pocket expense to see a specialist has increased by $22 across Australia. On top of an average increase of $7 to see a GP.

When 960,000 Australians skip or delay visiting a GP due to costs, this is simply not good enough.

In the last election, Malcolm Turnbull promised residents in the Illawarra region there would be no increases to the cost of visiting a GP. These figures show he has failed to deliver on that promise.

The fact is - under the Liberals - Australians are paying more than ever.

Turnbull’s record on health is shocking. He has cut public hospitals funding, failed to stand up to private health insurers and is refusing to lift any part of his Medicare rebate freeze.

Turnbull just doesn’t get it. He’s out of touch and he can’t be trusted to deliver better and more affordable healthcare for the people of the Illawarra and South Coast.