Ms BIRD (Cunningham) (16:13): One of the great challenges before the nation at the moment is to get the maximum rollout of the COVID vaccine, and it's something I think we all are absolutely dedicated to seeing happen across our communities. In light of my deep commitment to ensuring my community are well covered by the vaccine rollout, I want to put a few things on the record today.

Firstly, to all of my constituents, one of whom has emailed me: if you get rubbish from Clive Palmer in your letterbox about the COVID vaccine, my advice is to take it straight from the letterbox and put it into the recycling bin. There is nothing helpful about people like Clive Palmer intervening in the COVID vaccine rollout. Secondly, when your opportunity comes, please get the vaccine. It's about getting our economy back on an even footing, it's about protecting our health and it's about protecting the most vulnerable in our community.

The final point I want to make is about the phase 1b COVID vaccine rollout through our GP clinics this week. I wanted to ensure that my clinics were well supported to be part of that. They have had some issues around the ability to communicate about when the vaccine would arrive and what they would be getting. They've given me that feedback. I'll be passing this good advice on to the minister in the genuine hope that the processes can be improved. But we need this vaccine to roll out, and those who are not being helpful need to get out of the way.

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