Important Industry Sector ASQA Reports for Aged Care & Construction

Sharon Bird, Shadow Minister for Vocational Training, today highlighted the critical importance of Australian Skills Quality Authority’s (ASQA) two reports recently released: Training for aged and community care in Australia and Training for the White Card for Australia’s construction industry.

The quality and reliability of qualifications achieved by workers in both the construction and aged care sectors are of significant importance to the health, safety and well-being of workers and clients in both these sectors.

Employers rely on the authenticity and standards for safe work practices in the construction industry and quality care for vulnerable clients in the aged care sector.

The ASQA reports on both these sectors highlight some very concerning practices by too many Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) offering qualifications in these significant industry sectors.

“It is clear from the reports and ASQA’s comments within them that the regulator believes the concerns identified by employers, Industry Skills Councils, unions and students have been proven by their investigations,” Sharon Bird said.

“The regulator makes a number of recommendations in each report and in the best interests of the Vocational Education and Training sector, its students and employers these must be given priority attention by the Minister.

These two industry sector reports combined with the report into Marketing and advertising practices of Australia’s registered training organisations indicate some VET providers are combining demand for qualifications with unethical marketing practices to take advantage of students.”

“It is also concerning that all three reports identified that some online courses offered by RTOs were too short to ensure adequate training and assessment. The construction industry report also identified that organisations delivering face-to-face training were leaving the industry because they could not compete with online training organisations.”

“I congratulate ASQA on their reports and encourage the Government to work with ASQA and the appropriate Industry Skills Councils to implement the recommendations contained in the reports,” Sharon Bird concluded.