Ms Bird (Cunningham) (13:02): by leaveā€”I just want to take this opportunity, recognising, as the chair has just outlined, that this may be the last opportunity in this parliament for us to talk about the fabulous work of the committee that we've been chairing and that I've been deputy chair of over this parliament. I would encourage people to look at this report. It's a significant body of work, which was turned around in a reasonably short period of time, I have to say.

The significance and importance of transport in our cities, between our cities, and between our cities and our regions is something that's such a significant and important issue, and this was an opportunity for us as a committee to look at innovation in that space and the challenges and opportunities it presents. A range of really solid recommendations have been put forward by the committee to look at ways in which, if I can use the analogy of the transport committee, instead of having the future come down the track at us, we, as a nation, can actually apply some foresight and anticipate where those challenges and opportunities are and respond effectively.

I think the committee's report provides some very good signposts around alternative fuels, infrastructure and communications infrastructure, which are so much more closely knitted with transport infrastructure in this modern space. If we get all of those aspects right, we can really improve the connectivity that the chair talked about across the nation. So I would encourage people to have a look at the report. Have a look at the recommendations in particular, but also have a look at the significant discussion, because we had such fantastic contributions by many, many members of the community about the opportunities for automated mass transport and alternative fuel technology availability.