Intergenerational Report Exposes Liberal Government Damage To Education And Training


Today’s Intergenerational Report lays out, in black and white, exactly how bad the Liberal Government’s priorities are when it comes to education and training.


It exposes how devalued education and training is by this government when the Treasurer thinks it doesn’t have a role in boosting Australia’s productivity, contradicting advice from the world’s largest economic body. The OECD identified investment in education as one of Australia’s top three priority areas for boosting productivity.


Instead, the Government’s proposed policies would see Australia’s investment in education and training cut by 1 per cent of GDP by 2054-55, or $46 billion according to the Intergenerational Report.


The Report lays out the damage which will be done as a result of Christopher Pyne abandoning the Gonski unity ticket, cutting much-needed funding to school students who need it most by tying future Commonwealth contributions to the Consumer Price Index.


It lays out how the tertiary and vocational sectors will suffer as a result of the Government’s pursuit of $100,000 university degrees and over $2 billion in cuts to skills programs, with a dramatic decline in investment and ever-growing levels of student debt.


Our future generations will suffer at the hands of this government – it’s “roadmap” is nothing more than damaging cuts and poor priorities.


It is universally accepted that investment in education and training is one of the best things we can do to give all Australians the best opportunity to succeed, and our country the best chance to grow.


Investing in our people is one of the most effective ways to deal with structural challenges in the Budget in the future. Instead, the Liberals have made clear where their priorities lie – and it is not in developing the minds and skills of future generations.