Job seekers have a fantastic opportunity to get work today by heading down to Osborne Park on the Wollongong Foreshore.

The park is hosting the Hospitality Jobs Drive between 10am and 2pm where workers looking for hospitality employment can meet up in person with employers who’ve pledged a job.

We’re really pleased the target of 100 vacancies pledged has been well and truly exceeded with 136 jobs on offer on the Jobs Drive website.

It’s clear our hospitality operators are gearing up for a busy holiday season after a difficult year due to the pandemic.

That means big opportunities for our hospitality workers, school leavers and those looking to pick up more hours.

That’s why we were proud to come up with the Jobs Drive initiative to help bring the community together to make the most of this economic opportunity.

And that’s why we’ll be down at Osborne Park to take a look for ourselves at how employers and workers are working with each other to make this the most prosperous holiday season yet.