Australian steel workers need a plan for their future, and Labor is listening.
Australia is the world’s biggest iron ore exporter, and Labor recognises more of it should be used right here at home.

Steelworkers need secure, well paid jobs backed by cutting edge technology to add value to Australian iron ore, bring in more valuable export dollars and lower emissions.
Labor knows securing jobs in a time of technological change is a long journey, not a single step.
But we won’t get there without a plan that starts with listening to workers, employers and scientists.
That’s why senior members of our economic team are at Bluescope Steel, Port Kembla today, showing support for steel jobs and asking what they can do to help.
Labor stands ready to do the hard yards, shoulder-to-shoulder with the steel industry, to prepare for the future.
Labor is committed to hearing about how we can continue to back a strong and profitable future for Australian steel.