Labor’s Higher Ed And Training Policies Will Reduce Inequality


Labor’s plans for universities and TAFE will reduce inequality, boost the economy and prepare young Australians for the jobs of the future.


Growing Together: Labor’s Agenda For Tackling Inequality puts sustainable, accessible and high quality higher education, and better vocational education and training at the centre of our plan for inclusive growth.


Growing Together shows that Australia’s education system is falling far short of what is needed to prepare Australians for the far-reaching changes taking place in our country.


Future economic growth will come from high-skill industries with high-wage jobs. Australians who don’t have the right skills for these jobs will be further marginalised, leading to even greater inequality as more and more people are left out of the modern labour market.

These dramatic changes mean we need to equip Australians with new skills and capabilities.

That’s why Labor has rejected the Liberals’ plans for $100,000 university degrees.

A Shorten Labor Government will introduce a new Student Funding Guarantee so that university is affordable and accessible for all young Australians.

Our plan will lift the number of students completing their study by 20,000 graduates a year from 2020, by holding universities to account in ensuring more students not only enrol, but succeed.

Labor will also build a stronger VET sector with a National Priority Plan for TAFE, leading to an agreed funding guarantee.

To address the significant chaos that has developed in the vocational education and training sector we have announced the next Labor government will undertake a comprehensive review of the sector.

We must build a stronger VET system and weed out dodgy providers and student rip-offs in order to ensure the sector is fit to deliver for Australians who need it most.

This review – a direct recommendation of Growing Together ­– will ensure the VET sector is properly equipped to train Australians for the jobs of the future, proper standards are enforced and the central role of our public TAFE system is recognised.


While Labor has a comprehensive plan for education and skills, the Liberals have no ideas for skilling Australians and growing the economy.

A government with no plan for education is a government with no plan for innovation or economic growth.

Only Labor will put people first. Only Labor will tackle inequality through inclusive growth.